Friday, March 9, 2012

Klarabelle is done!!

I'd like to introduce everyone to Klarabelle!  I had seen pics of an amigurumi cow girl that someone else had posted and thought they were just the most adorable thing and wanted to make my own.  She was supposed to go to a silent auction for a charity event I attend every year, but sadly, she wasn't done in time, so it looks like I will be either saving her for next year, or selling her and making a new one for next year.  Not sure which one.  I may make a new one because who knows what she'll look like in a year.
But I think she is definitely my favorite amigurrmi so far to date.  I think she is one of the cutest that I've made so far. So onto the details a little.  Since she's a cow-girl, I wanted to use blue gingham ribbon, so I was just abdolutely thrilled when I went to Jo-Ann's today and actually found it!!  I had mainly gone to pick up the red riboon and bells and decided to look for the gingham ribbon as well.  I also was going to brush blush or colored pencil on her cheeks but I didn't like the way it was looking so I just cut out some pink felt and glued it on.  I think the only big change I would make for next time, is bigger eyes.
Now she needs a friend, so I'm going to make her a brother and name him Ferdinand.  In honor of Ferdinand the bull.  I'm pretty sure it was a Disney short from back in the day.  And I've always loved that cartoon, so he will be my next ami! :)
But first, here are the pics of Klarabelle! :)
Here is a front shot of her, isn't she just the cutest thing!!!
and here she is from behind, I braided her tail and tied some black yarn and frayed it to make it look like a a tail.
I hope you all like her! :)

Happy Crafting!