Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being sick is the worst!

Now that I'm all better, I am back to working on the monkey and working on Halloween costumes as well.  I'm not sure how, but with the halloween costumes my math seems to be off and the tops of both are way to big.  But that's an easy fix!  I really love the way my daughter's is turning out!  But oh, the ruffles!!  Her petticoat is finally done, and it wasn't too difficult to make either.  A little time consuming, but not as bad as I had originally thought.  I think the worst part was cutting the tule.  I had a hard time keeping it even.  But once it was all cut out, I just rolled it up, and used my rotary cutter to make it even.  Sewing was the easiest!  It looks like a little tutu!  I found a video tut on youtube done by threadbanger.  It helped out A LOT!!!!
And crazy me has joined ANOTHER swap!  I wasn't going to, but I couldn't help it.  It's a Magic Yarn Ball swap (MYB)  And they're so much fun!!  For those of you who don't know what one is, you basically take a skein of yarn, unravel it, the re-ravel it into a b all shape, but inside you put little knick-knackey things that you make or buy.  You can put just about anything inside of it.  I had a lot of fun the last time I did one, and I'm super excited to get to do this one as well!  My partner likes a lot of the same stuff I do, and she likes all kinds of neat things too, I have to be careful not to go overboard!  But it will definately be easy with this one! lol

Off to go work on the monkey, then take a break from that and work on halloween costumes, then take a break from that and work on monkey again!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L from Death Note is finally done!!!

It's taken me awhile to get this adorable little guy done, but here he is!  L or Ryuuzaki, my favorite character!  And he's soooo cute too!  He's only about 7".  His eyes are made of felt as is his mouth.  I'm not 100% happy with the way the eyes turned out, but they don't look too bad.  Now I just need to get him so mini sweets so he can indulge is sweet tooth.  I think my fav part is his toes!!  I love making little ami toes!  They're so cute!!!

Aren't they cute!!!
Here's a little close-up of his face too.

I think I need to make him a little friend too, and since his only friend seemed to be Light, I guess I'm going to make Light Yagami.  I don't really care for him to much, but L has requested a friend to keep him company when I'm not around to do so.  I've already started on Light, and it shouldn't take me to long to finish him.  I think his hair will take me the longest since I'm going to be embroidering the 'ol Justin Beiber 'do on him.  I've got his torso done and I'm working on the arms, then all I'll have to do is add the legs and hair.
Since I've been sick the last couple of days I decided to put off working on the monkey for the contest winner, but as soon as my cold is better (which means as soon as my nose stops dripping), I'll be back to working on it.

And just because he's so cute, here's another picture of L!

I think I'll write up a basic pattern for this little guy as well to share with everyone.  It's really easy and really quick.  I've made 2 other dolls using this pattern!

Happy Crafting!!