Monday, September 27, 2010

Avatar & Craft my pet swap

I've got a total of 3 swaps going right now, I had to take a break from the craft my pet swap and work a little on my avatar swap.  I've made one thing already, and I pray that my partners for wither don't read my blogs at the moment! lol.  I've made one small item for the avatar swap, now I'm working on a larg item.  My partner's favorite character is Prince Zuko, and she really wanted a Zuko plushie, so I'm making her one.  I've got the head done, just need to add the other eye.  I'm pretty happy with the way the scar turned out to.  I'll have to post pictures of it along with a picture of the cartoon version.  I'm also doing another Harry Potter swap.  I'm still trying to think of what to make for my partner.  I have to make at least one wearable, and one edible item and a samll game/toy type thing.  Thankfully it has the longest crafting time.
Having a hard time with everything though because of school work.  the only reason I even got any crafting time in today was becasue I had to take a break from my reading.  I kept falling asleep. :(  But I guess that's ok because I really needed to get started on some of my crafted items.  Time to get back to the board, and if any of my partners have read this, please pretend that you didn't.

Friday, September 10, 2010

First swap under way!!

YAY!!! My first ever swap is underway!  All the participants now have their parnters!  I think I may try and do a little crafting this weekend for it.  I know exactly what I'm going to be making for my partner!  I just hope she likes it too!  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
Avatar the last airbender is such an awesome cartoon and so many possibilities that can be crafted.  I heard there was a sequal coming out next year, I can't wait for it!!

Time for bed, happy crafting!! =D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Organizing my first swap!

So I'm organizing my first swap on the crafting form I joined.  It's a great website full of any craft you could think of.  There's a different board for every craft.  I frequent the crochet board the most, but sometimes will post in the toys or jewelry boards as well.  But I'm super excited about organizing!  Once I get a few small ones under my belt, I can host larger ones, hopefully.  My first swap is Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Based on the Nickelodean cartoon and the movie, but mainly the cartoon.  Thankfully, it's a very small swap, so far only 7 people have signed up for it.  I'm hoping for 8 to make it even, but if not, I have everyone all partnered up and ready to go.  The sign-ups close Sept 9th, tomorrow.  I think the coolest thing is getting to pick my partner!  I gave us a month of crafting time and made it small, only 4 points, with at least 1 meduim project.  I hope it goes well and there are no flakers!  I will be sad if there are flakers :(
But if you want to check it out, here's the link to the swap page

Happy Crafting!