Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gem & Bead Faire!!

So excited!!  The Gem & Bead Faire is here this weekend!!!!  I wonder what kind of goodies they're going to have??  I wonder what kind of goodies I can make with what I buy??  This is gonna be so awesome!!  Taking my daughter and she's super excited to go too!! :D  Speaking of which, I had better go and wake her up so we can get ready to go!!  I don't want to deal with weekend traffic.
Oh, I almost forgot, our Halloween costumes were a hit!!  I'll have to post pics of them later!  Time to go wake up the munchkin and go to the Faire!!!! YAY!!!!! :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being sick is the worst!

Now that I'm all better, I am back to working on the monkey and working on Halloween costumes as well.  I'm not sure how, but with the halloween costumes my math seems to be off and the tops of both are way to big.  But that's an easy fix!  I really love the way my daughter's is turning out!  But oh, the ruffles!!  Her petticoat is finally done, and it wasn't too difficult to make either.  A little time consuming, but not as bad as I had originally thought.  I think the worst part was cutting the tule.  I had a hard time keeping it even.  But once it was all cut out, I just rolled it up, and used my rotary cutter to make it even.  Sewing was the easiest!  It looks like a little tutu!  I found a video tut on youtube done by threadbanger.  It helped out A LOT!!!!
And crazy me has joined ANOTHER swap!  I wasn't going to, but I couldn't help it.  It's a Magic Yarn Ball swap (MYB)  And they're so much fun!!  For those of you who don't know what one is, you basically take a skein of yarn, unravel it, the re-ravel it into a b all shape, but inside you put little knick-knackey things that you make or buy.  You can put just about anything inside of it.  I had a lot of fun the last time I did one, and I'm super excited to get to do this one as well!  My partner likes a lot of the same stuff I do, and she likes all kinds of neat things too, I have to be careful not to go overboard!  But it will definately be easy with this one! lol

Off to go work on the monkey, then take a break from that and work on halloween costumes, then take a break from that and work on monkey again!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L from Death Note is finally done!!!

It's taken me awhile to get this adorable little guy done, but here he is!  L or Ryuuzaki, my favorite character!  And he's soooo cute too!  He's only about 7".  His eyes are made of felt as is his mouth.  I'm not 100% happy with the way the eyes turned out, but they don't look too bad.  Now I just need to get him so mini sweets so he can indulge is sweet tooth.  I think my fav part is his toes!!  I love making little ami toes!  They're so cute!!!

Aren't they cute!!!
Here's a little close-up of his face too.

I think I need to make him a little friend too, and since his only friend seemed to be Light, I guess I'm going to make Light Yagami.  I don't really care for him to much, but L has requested a friend to keep him company when I'm not around to do so.  I've already started on Light, and it shouldn't take me to long to finish him.  I think his hair will take me the longest since I'm going to be embroidering the 'ol Justin Beiber 'do on him.  I've got his torso done and I'm working on the arms, then all I'll have to do is add the legs and hair.
Since I've been sick the last couple of days I decided to put off working on the monkey for the contest winner, but as soon as my cold is better (which means as soon as my nose stops dripping), I'll be back to working on it.

And just because he's so cute, here's another picture of L!

I think I'll write up a basic pattern for this little guy as well to share with everyone.  It's really easy and really quick.  I've made 2 other dolls using this pattern!

Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Working on Halloween costumes....... I better finish in time!!

So, last night my daughter and I were trying to decide what we wanted to be for Halloween.  At first she wanted to be an anime character, then she wanted to wear a Japanese school uniform (like the ones you see in anime and manga).  Now she has decided to be a lolita.  After showing her some pictures of dresses online, she has decided that's what she wants to be.  She wanted a pink and black dress, but I'm trying to stick with what I have and not buy anymore fabric.  I have this blue cupcake fabric and she decided that's what she wants her dress to be.  And she wants me to wear pink cupcakes.  I'm going to work on her's first, and if I have time, I'll make me one, but if not, I have a costume I made from a couple years ago that's I'll wear.  But I would still like to make one for me too. 
The thing that's going to be really difficult, is I've never really done a dress from scratch before.  Sure I've taken parts of patterns and made a dress that way, but I've never actually drafted a pattern.  I have an idea of what I want, and I've drawn it up, so I've got the first steps out of the way.  So now all I have to do, is cut out some peices.  I may have to go and get some fabric anyway, because I need some kind of white or cream colored fabric to go with it.  If I just did it all the cupcake fabric, I think it would be way to overwhelming!
I spent a lot of time on the internet last night looking at various dresses and tutorials, so I think I have a rough idea of what I need to do.  I will definitely be posting some in progress shots.  I can't wait to make these dresses!  Now, my question is, should I make the both exactly the same, or make the m different??  I'm not sure, but so far, I'm leaning towards the same.

Well, wish me luck, I'm off to start drafting my patterns!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

State Fair crafty winners

So, a few weeks ago, the munchkin and I ventured to our state fair.  Rides, games and carni food, what more could you ask for?  Other than the prize winners for all the contests!  There were some AMAZING crafts!  We have a few favs, but they were all equally amazing!  I wanted to enter in the crochet toys category, but sadly didn't have time to finish the doll I was working on. :( and sorry for the poor picture quality on some of these
my personal fav

a section of afgahns

more afgahns
my daughter's fav

There was this amazing Amigurumi doll made by a 14 year old.  I think this is just the cutest doll!  She did such an amazing job on it too.  She won 1st place for it.  I told my daughter that if she gets to practicing she could make something like that and enter it in the state fair as well.

The next 3 are my fav costumes that were there.  I think I like the mad hatter costume the best, but the final fantasy cosplay costume is also pretty cool.  The winner of the final fantasy hand painted all the flowers on it.  It looked fantastic!  I just hope the pictures do it some kind of justice!

The mad hatter costume.  I love this one!  I especially love the jacket!!

Everything is hand painted, and it looked fantastic!

Finally, there were the cakes.  These were all blue ribbon cakes, and they were just amazing!  I'm not sure which one I like the best  Here they are!

The detail these people put into these just amazes me!!  They all look great!!  I can't wait for next year's fair to see what's made and to enter my own creation! :)
Hope you all enjoyed the photos!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And the winner is!!!

It's here!! The winner's of my anniversary contest! And the winner's are.......
For the crocheted Decoden picture frame...... Jenny Rachel!

For the WIP (work in progress bag)...... Ali Edwards!

And for the crocheted monkey!!......(drum roll please!!)


Congratulations everyone! I will be sending out messages tonight, and the winner's have 1 week to get back to me with their mailing info. And for the winner of the monkey, I will also need to know what colors you would like. Again, Congratulations!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The decoden prize

So I've finally finished one of the other items I'm going to giveaway for my contest.  the Decoden frame!  I was really happy with the way this turned out too!  So here it is!  It's a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" frame.  I'm really happy with it!  I love the lolita/girly feel of it.  I hope you will too!  Without further adieu, here it is!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The contest is open!!

It's official!  The contest is underway!  Everyone who is already following this blog is automatically entered!  Along with anyone who has "liked" my fan page on Facebook.  YAY!!  Time to celebrate!
The grand prize will be a crocheted monkey from a pattern that I created myself.  What better way to celebrate my blog than with an original patter on top of that!
Here's a photo of the first monkey I've created!  I've decided to not make the monkey until I've chosen the winner.  This way you get to chose the color(s) that you want!  Just keep in mind that depending on the size of yarn I use will depend on the size of the monkey.  If you would also like the monkey to be smaller, I would be happy to make a smaller one as well.  Here's the Monkey!
It's Buttons the Monkey!
I will also have a second place drawing for a Decoden picture frame, I will post a pic of that as soon as I make it.  I the 3rd prize will be a work-in-progress bag.  Pics of that will be up as soon as I finish it.  It's almost done!

So I guess now on to the rules!  This is contest is open to everyone who wants to enter.  You will have one entry for following my blog and 1 entry for "liking" my Facebook fan page.  You will also get 1 entry for commenting on my blog and 1 entry for commenting on my Facebook fan page.  The most you can have is 4 entries.  It doesn't matter how many comments you leave, you will only get 1 extra entry (i.e. 1 comment = 1entry, 10 comments = 1 entry).  No entries will be accepted after August 29th at 11:59 pm.  I will draw the winner's names on August 30th.  I will either send you a message through blogger or via Facebook.  I think concludes the rules!  So good luck everyone and here's to another year!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's decided!

I've finally decided what it is I'm going to crochet for my blog's anniversary! A while ago I had created my own pattern for a jointed monkey, so when on my Facebook I asked what I should make my auntie suggested a sock monkey and that gve me the idea to crochet then monkey that I had created myself! So I still need to decide on a color! I also think I will make some other things as a like 2nd and 3rd p,ace prize kind of thing. They will obviously be smaller than the grand prize but I think I would like to have more than just 1 winner. I think one of the prizes will be a deco den frame. I love. Deco den! It's so much fun to do, ok aside from the hand cramps, it's a lot of fun to do. I'm not sure what the third item I will make will be, maybe a piece of jewelry? That's actually not a bad idea. Make something from some of the crafts that I'm good at. I guess since I'm fairly good at sewing I should make something sewn as well! Oh boy, I'm getting carried away with myself here. I better just stick to keeping things small and manageable right now. If I have time I will make a sewn item as well. Just need to think of what that sewn item should be.
Well better be off, I have a birthday present to finish up really quick. Thankfully it's almost done! Well happy crafting everyone!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost a whole year now!

Well, it's almost been a whole year since I've started this blog, and to celebrate you can't just say Happy Anniversay blog!  No, that's what you do with your regular blog!  For the crafty blog you have to do something crafty!!!  So, to celebrate, I will be having a contest!  I'm going to crochet an amigurumi doll, not sure what kind yet, and raffle it off!  You will get 1 entry for following my blog, 1 entry for "liking" my Facebook page, 1 entry if you comment on the blog and 1 entry if you comment on my Facebook page (Please note that it does not matter how many times you post a comment on my blog or on my FB page you will still only get a total of 1 entry.  So if you comment 10 times that equals 1 entry, if you comment 1 time that equals 1 entry.)  So you will only be able to have a maximum of 4 entries.
When the contest is over, I will put all the names in a big container and draw 1 lucky person to win the doll! I may do a few other drawings for some smaller items that I'll make, but I haven't exactly decided yet.  Will post the official start of the contest in August for the 1 year anniversary!!!  YAY!!!!
Thanks for following!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decoden pics!

So I've finally gotten around to taking pics of the decoden items I've made.  I love them so much!  It's so easy and so fun to make and there's really no limits to what you can do.  My decoden seems to be a little on the less culttered side, but I'm working on that.  I'm limited on my supplies so I'm limited on what I can do, but I plan on experimenting with clay next and making some cute food items :)  Now, on to the pics!

First up is the glasses case that I made.  It's so pretty and pink!

This is the lolita style tin I did.  I think this is one of my fav pieces that I've done so far.  So freaking cute!!  I just wish the gold fan hadn't reacted with the silicone and made a blue area, but I've figured out how to stop that.  As long as I paint them with clear nail polish first, it's fine :)

This is the London/Dr. Who ispired tin I made.  I wish the phone booth would have been blue or that I would have painted it blue first, bit that's ok, it's still looks good.  The gold coins on this one also reacted with the silicone but since blue is part of the theme, it looks kinda cool :)

This is the seashell decoden frame I made.  The shells I picked up on our road trip up hwy 101 last summer.  I wish I could remember the city, they were sold by the pound, I think this one turned out pretty well too.  Oh, and all the frames are recons from Goodwill.  I plan on putting this up on my etsy shop.  It's adorable!  There's purple giltter on it as well!  Is there never a time to use glitter??

I wish I could have kept this frame for myself, but I made if for someone in the May birthday swap.  Since my birthday is in may, I wanted to sign up and I had to make one claim.  The girl I claimed wanted something cute and Japanese, so this is what I sent her.  I really hope she likes it.  It's kind of Ouran Highschool Host club/Lolita inspired.  The host club is one of her fav animes, so I went with that.  I'm really proud of how it turned out.  Hope you all like them!

Oh, also, I'm planing on having a contest here soon as well.  I'm going to make something (Obviously) to promote my blog and etsy shop, so stay tuned for that!! 

Happy Crafting!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So it's been awhile since I've blogged about anything, been a lot going on, but I'm here now to say that I have discovered a new craft!  Decoden!!  OMG!!  It's so awesome!  I love it, it's quick and easy and there's so much you can do with it!  I've only made a handful of items but sadly haven't taken any pictures.  The weather hasn't been cooperating so I can take pictures outside.  I plan on making A TON of stuff!  And I will be posting it all on my etsy accoutne.  Or at least most of it.  I'm sure some if it will be used as gifts.  Unfortunately I'm limited on supplies, but I'm looking for sites that have cheap beads and charms and stuff.  I want to make all kinds of decoden!  The few I've made haven't been overwhelming like the ones I've seen online.  I will be making some like that though.  I plan on getting some molds to use so I can make things out of clay to use in the decoden.  I need to hurry up and make some more so I can get more supplies.  And I want to hurry up and post pictures.  I'm so happy with the way they've all turned out too!  YAY!!! Decoden!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A few of my latest!

Here's a few of the things I've been working on lately.  I've decided that I'm going to sign up for a craft show that's going to be in July, so I need to get cracking on what I'm going to make and sell.  I'm super excited for this and can't wait to send in my application!

Here are the travel trunks I made for my Little Visitors Fred & George.  They travel around the world to places I can't go to, sadly I didn't get to send them off with these because they weren't 100% ready.  But they are now, and Fred & George will have new trunks when they get back home!

F for Fred and G for George of couse!

The lining on the inside of the trunks

The key on George's trunk.  I made the little tassel

The key on Fred's trunk

Here are Fred & Goerge.  They are now also done as I have added limbs to them.  Last summer they wend to England but didn't have any arms or legs.  This time they are in Kansas, and we are hosting Dee, a cute little dust bunny!

George is the one with the green eyes and Fred is the one with the grey/silver eyes

Fred & George's messenger bags
Here are Fred & George with the messenger bags.  They are all hand stitched.

This is Fred's pirate blankey and pillow.  I corcheted the border around the blanket, pertty quick and easy to do.  I'm still trying to decide what I want to make for George.


The back side of Fred's pillow.  The flanel matches his bag!

I also made a pirtate heat pack.  The inside is filled with rice.  I like the way it turned out!

I've made some hairbows for to sell also.  I made some Valentines' day ones, and I'm gonig to be making some easter and St. Patrick's day bows as well.  I also made some Rock star hair bows.  These are so fun and quick to make up.  I can't wait to make more with all the ribbon I have!

Last one for now, I made my daughter a rock star skirt.  I had found this adorable guitar fabric at Joann's and had to buy it and make something for her.  I pretty much made the dress up as I went.  I think it turned out REALLY cute and I can't wait to see what she looks like in it.  I'm sure she'll like it and I just hope that it's not to0 big, or my biggest fear, too small!!!  I also made a little pink pin to go with it becasue it needed something esle to go with it.

I almost forgot!  I made a little Kyo plushie!!  It's from the Babylondonstar pattern on deviantart. Which you can find here .  I just need to add the eyes which I am currently working on figuring out.  I have some quick fuse paper that I will use, but it's not cheap and I don't want to use a whole sheet to print out 1 set of eyes.   Here is my Kyo in  his cat jammies!!

My stitching isn't the best, but I'll get better with practice!  I plan on making another one of these, but next time I think I'm goin to make the hat with the ears removable.  He's also made out of fleece which makes him super soft and cuddley!!

Thanks for looking, I'll try to update sooner so I don't have such picture heavy posts!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little visitor swap

Well, I wasn't going to join another swap, but how could I pass up the LV swap??  It was soo much fun last time!!  I have my 2 little guys Fred & George all ready to go.  Well, almost.  I can't wait to get my partner to see where I get to send my LVs off to!!  YAY!!!  Partners are assigned today!!  Can't wait!!!!