Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decoden pics!

So I've finally gotten around to taking pics of the decoden items I've made.  I love them so much!  It's so easy and so fun to make and there's really no limits to what you can do.  My decoden seems to be a little on the less culttered side, but I'm working on that.  I'm limited on my supplies so I'm limited on what I can do, but I plan on experimenting with clay next and making some cute food items :)  Now, on to the pics!

First up is the glasses case that I made.  It's so pretty and pink!

This is the lolita style tin I did.  I think this is one of my fav pieces that I've done so far.  So freaking cute!!  I just wish the gold fan hadn't reacted with the silicone and made a blue area, but I've figured out how to stop that.  As long as I paint them with clear nail polish first, it's fine :)

This is the London/Dr. Who ispired tin I made.  I wish the phone booth would have been blue or that I would have painted it blue first, bit that's ok, it's still looks good.  The gold coins on this one also reacted with the silicone but since blue is part of the theme, it looks kinda cool :)

This is the seashell decoden frame I made.  The shells I picked up on our road trip up hwy 101 last summer.  I wish I could remember the city, they were sold by the pound, I think this one turned out pretty well too.  Oh, and all the frames are recons from Goodwill.  I plan on putting this up on my etsy shop.  It's adorable!  There's purple giltter on it as well!  Is there never a time to use glitter??

I wish I could have kept this frame for myself, but I made if for someone in the May birthday swap.  Since my birthday is in may, I wanted to sign up and I had to make one claim.  The girl I claimed wanted something cute and Japanese, so this is what I sent her.  I really hope she likes it.  It's kind of Ouran Highschool Host club/Lolita inspired.  The host club is one of her fav animes, so I went with that.  I'm really proud of how it turned out.  Hope you all like them!

Oh, also, I'm planing on having a contest here soon as well.  I'm going to make something (Obviously) to promote my blog and etsy shop, so stay tuned for that!! 

Happy Crafting!!!

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