Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's decided!

I've finally decided what it is I'm going to crochet for my blog's anniversary! A while ago I had created my own pattern for a jointed monkey, so when on my Facebook I asked what I should make my auntie suggested a sock monkey and that gve me the idea to crochet then monkey that I had created myself! So I still need to decide on a color! I also think I will make some other things as a like 2nd and 3rd p,ace prize kind of thing. They will obviously be smaller than the grand prize but I think I would like to have more than just 1 winner. I think one of the prizes will be a deco den frame. I love. Deco den! It's so much fun to do, ok aside from the hand cramps, it's a lot of fun to do. I'm not sure what the third item I will make will be, maybe a piece of jewelry? That's actually not a bad idea. Make something from some of the crafts that I'm good at. I guess since I'm fairly good at sewing I should make something sewn as well! Oh boy, I'm getting carried away with myself here. I better just stick to keeping things small and manageable right now. If I have time I will make a sewn item as well. Just need to think of what that sewn item should be.
Well better be off, I have a birthday present to finish up really quick. Thankfully it's almost done! Well happy crafting everyone!

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