Saturday, November 6, 2010

Avatar swap all don!!

Well, my avatar swap is all finished!!  I had no flakers and everyone sent awesome packages!  It was fun to organize it.  Now I'mthinking of organizing another swap in January!  It's gonna be a Fruits basket swap!  Or possibly just a generic Anime swap, I haven't decided yet.  I have it up in the swap idea board, so we'll see how many people are up for a fruits basket swap and how many are up for general anime.  So far, most are for fruits basket! :D
I also sent off my Harry potter swap package!  Now I officially have no swaps to do and I can concentrate on the christmas gifts that I need to make.  I have at least 2 monkeys to make.  One rainbow, and one purple for my 2 little cousins.  I need to figure out what I'm going to make for everyone!  I had some projects last year that I never gof finished, so I may end up making those since I still have all the supplies to make them.  Well, I'm off to brainstorm!  Christmas is gonna come fast!!!  Plus I was kinda hoping to get some stuff to participate in some of the local holiday bazaars, but I'm not gonna have time for that this year.  Maybe next year.  And I definately want to to try to make it to some of the craft shows this summer to!  That would be AWESOME!!!

So, now I'm off.  Happy Crafting!!

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