Sunday, October 17, 2010

Avatar swap done!!

My partner should get her package tomorrow.  I really hope she likes it.  I wanted to keep the zuko doll so bad!  I guess I just have to make one for myself.  Of course, I'm sure Munchkin will steal it if I do, lol.  She loves everything I make.  But anyway, onto the pictures!!

This is the bookmark I made.  It represents all the nations.  White for air, blue for water, red for fire, and green for earth.  Munchkin wanted to keep this one to.

Now onto the pictures of Zuko!!!

the back

closeup of his face.

The front

the side with his scar

The side that has no scar

and just so you can see his ponytail a little better.

I was so happy with the way he turned out!  I can't wait for my partner to recieve him tomorrow!!

Hope you guys like him to!

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