Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My new obsession

OK, so Munchkin and I have been watching Fruits Basket, and well, it's anime, and we both just LOVE IT!!!  We're kind of a little obsessed over it.  We bought the dvd's (got them today) and I bought the first 10 books and we should be getting those friday! :) 
Our favorite character is Kyo.  If  you've seen it you know who he is.  But in short, the show is about the Sohma family who is cursed by the Zodiac.  Whenever one of them is embraced by someone of the opposeite sex, they turn into their zodiac sign.  Kyo is the cat, who isn't a sign, but, well, just watch it on hulu (  So I have decided that I need my own Kyo plushie!  I have one more swap to finish up and then I can start in on Kyo.  Hell, I may start in on him anyway.  I know my daughter is going to want one to, so I'm going to have to make 2.  I think I'm going to make a Kyo amigurumi, and then make a cat-Kyo stuffie.

I bought some orange eyelash yarn today so I can use it for his hair.  Hopefully it will come soon. :)  I can't wait to start on my Kyo.  Can't wait to watch/read some more fruits basket.  It was a little annoying watching it on hulu because all but the last 3 are subtitled.  Well, time to go get cracking on my projects!

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