Sunday, October 3, 2010

Craft my pet swap finished! Starting in on Avatar swap!

Front view

YAY!! I finally finished the Craft my pet swap!  I crocheted my partner's Pomeranian.  The yarn was a little difficult to work with as I've never really worked with mohair before.  I did learn a little bit from it.  I feel bad for having to send to my partner a week late, but at least it will be in the mail Monday and on its way soon!  I feel really bad because she had 2 partners and her other partner made the exact same thing I did.....  I hope she likes mine to.  Here's a picture of the dog I crocheted.

Side view
 Not as cute as I had hoped it would turn out, but I'm still very happy with it.  I also crocheted her a keychain of one of her cats.  I was going to try and do all 4 of her cats, but sadly, ran out of time.  To make up for the lack of craft able extras on my part, I'm going to go to the pet store and buy her some pet goodies.  But here's a picture of the keychain.  I want to make one for myself and Munchkin wants one as well, as do my nephews.  I think it's pretty darn cute :)  I got it out of a Japanese crochet book.  Don't know the name 'cause it's in Japanese.

Kitty keychain!
I have also almost finished my Prince Zuko doll for my Avatar partner.  I really like the way he's turned out so far.  I’m very happy with him.  I'm going to get started on his hair.  I will finish his arms and legs later.  I am most proud of his scar.  I think it looks pretty damn close to the cartoon version.  Let me know what you think.

Cartoon Zuko's scar

My poppet Zuko's scar.  Pretty close huh?

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